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Address to Connie Hull, at 57 Warwick Road, #20, Winchester, NH 03470 Founded April 11, 2006.

The Woodston Free Press began as a community service publication near Woodston, Kansas with news, up coming events and some interesting historic facts about Woodston. It started with 25 copies, all black and white paper copies, handed out to some church members and others in the small town of Woodston. It done to see if people would like it. The very next edition it was not only catching on quickly but some could get it via email, and it went from black and white to color. And had a new name it went from Woodston News to the Woodston Free Press (you get what you pay for) it was done with community service in mind to let those that couldn’t afford a paper or didn’t want one could get Woodston events and news. Many were printed and it just kept growing and growing until by 2009 it was no longer feasible nor affordable to make paper copies By 2009 most people had high-speed internet which was required for the size of the publication. The 56k v 90 modem was becoming a thing of the past. Broadband was in. Thus making it easier to get the WFP (as it was now affectionately called) out to its subscribers. Thus it was in 2009 the paper editions were dropped to be just email. Then in May 2010 at just a little over three years old we have gone on-line with, not only email versions, but also now a web page! The e-mail version goes to all 50 states, as well as world-wide. In March 2014 a new server was added so unlimited links to the WFP could be used and a Facebook page linking back to this could find even a wider audience.
What will you find in the WFP well lots of goodies there are ads, news items, although political items are for the most not accepted. One can find political items anywhere. The WFP however does have religious (Christian) items, patriotic items, poems, some news from former graduates and others all over the world, prayer request, up coming events, birthday’s, anniversary’s, recipes, historic facts, almost all editions have a recipe, birthdays and anniversaries, prayer requests, humor, recipe and either trivia and or a riddle, to mention a few things that you might find within the pages of the Woodston Free Press. Please come in and enjoy it. A great place for friends and family.

By Connie Hull, editor’ publisher, owner and founder of the Woodston Free Press.

This is a donation only publication and Pay Pal is accepted as well as Check or Money order but no charge card. Thank you so much.


  1. Don Hartzler says:

    Enjoying reading the press on facebook.

    I have a picture of the LaFon Restaurant that my grandparents were operating and my Mom Gladys was behind the counter.

    If you are interested but I could not see where to attach a picture

    • Connie says:

      Hi Don so nice to meet you.
      I am very interested and thank you so much for letting me know this. What might be better is if you email it to me at clhullwfp@gmail.com Also if you could do a little write up about it. as in tell the names your grandparents and your Mom etc. Not only will I be able to upload to this site but also might, with your permission, use it in the Woodston Free Press as well.. I am not sure anyone else can upload pictures to this site either I wish there was way but don’t know what it would be. Thank you so much for stopping by and for your nice comment.
      Connie Hull

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